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OHS 100 Advance Overhead Stirrer

Overhead Stirrer with 100 Ncm torque,  3.5" TFT display, timer,  Wi-Fi and USB connectivity able to stir up to 100  l.
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3 years warranty
OHS 100 AdvanceF20100481
OHS 100 AdvanceF20110481

Safety and resistance for your lab

Safety and resistance for your lab
OHS 100 Advance is the VELP high-end overhead stirrer designed to guarantee the highest safety standards.
  • The resistant sealed housing and the IP 54 Protection Rating guarantee durability even in the most aggressive environments.
  • Integrated overload, overtemperature, and overcurrent safety alarms will preserve the performance over time by stopping the stirring 
  • Safe start and stop knob operation and lock key avoid unintended start up and changes of the working conditions. 
  • Integrated vibration sensor with different levels of sensitivity will stop the operation and inform you to be sure that your OHS is stable and properly fixed.
OHS 100 Advance ensures continuous operation and is backed by 3 Years Warranty extension. 

Best-in-class Stirring Power

Best-in-class Stirring Power
The OHS 100 Advance is the ideal solution for demanding applications operating with viscosities up to 70.000 mPa.  
The electronic controlled brushless motor of the OHS 100 Advance stirs up to 100 l (H2O) with a maximum torque of 100 Ncm, and ensures the longest lifespan. 

SpeedServoTM torque compensation technology keeps the speed constant automatically adjusting to viscosity changes. Set the OHS 100 Advance electronic speed control from 30 to 1300 rpm.

Constant torque at any speed

Constant torque at any speed
The brushless motor and the microprocessor guarantee excellent performance marking the difference between a conventional overhead and the VELP OHS Series.

The torque is stable throughout the whole speed range, ensuring stirring at maximum torque even at the highest speed.

This is a very important parameter for the reproducibility of your tests.

SmartChuck™ simplifies shaft accommodation

SmartChuck™ simplifies shaft accommodation
The OHS Advance SmartChuck™ technology simplifies the shaft accommodation process that can be carried out even with one hand and does not require any tool, making your life easier.

With two simple operations, you can unlock the protection ring to drive the shaft in and out with maximum ease.

The opening of the ring during the stirring process will automatically block the analysis and the instrument informs you for maximum safety.

Intuitive and precise

Intuitive and precise
The OHS 100 Advance intuitive 3,5” TFT Display will guide you to precisely set your working conditions and get reproducible results. It shows the main information at a glance together with torque measurement on display for real-time information on viscosity change with a resolution of 1 Ncm. 

Interact with the OHS Advance from the real-time graph showing speed, torque and temperature of your test.  

The OHS 100 Advance works unattended thanks to the timer settable from 1min to 99.59h.
Define and program your operating methods that are ideal for demanding tasks where ramps and interval operation are required.

Keep Temperature Under Control

Keep Temperature Under Control
The OHS Advance comes with a Pt100 temperature probe included in your package.

Constantly monitor the temperature of your reaction and set the instrument to reduce speed or interrupt the task if the temperature reaches a defined value. This is important when you want to avoid that exothermic reactions will interfere with your analysis. 

The advantages of OHS Advance connectivity

The advantages of OHS Advance connectivity
The OHS Advance is the only overhead stirrers to offer the possibility of controlling and monitoring processes through Wi-Fi connection to VELP Ermes and through USB.

VELP Ermes cloud platform allows to control the OHS Advance from PC, smartphone and tablet through a simple and intuitive web interface. With this platform designed by VELP , it is possible to activate the stirring, set a timer, set a method (among those saved on the device), download and share reports with a click.

For the applications in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life science sectors, VELP Ermes can manage OHS Advance located in clean-rooms or other controlled environments, without the need of long safety procedures.

With the OHS/CotrollerSoftTM software, VELP offers the possibility to all laboratories that can't benefit from cloud services, a valid alternative with USB connectivity.


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Choose the right stirring shaft for your application!

Choose the right stirring shaft for your application!
Overhead stirrers require stirring shaft for precise working. Choosing the correct stirring shaft is an important step to obtain the best stirring performance. 

It is important to evaluate the characteristics and the effects on the fluid of the stirring shaft, together with the volume and viscosity: 
  • Desired type of flow: Axial, Tangential, Radial; 
  • Speed range of your application 
Contact a VELP Specialist that will guide you to choose the correct shaft for your sample and application! 
Stirring Shaft Comparison

VELP H-Stand ensure stability and resistance for lab bench OHS application

VELP H-Stand ensure stability and resistance for lab bench OHS application
VELP H-Stands are the ideal solution when the overhead stirrer is working on laboratory benches. 

We have designed our H-Stand to guarantee the maximum stability thanks to the H-shape of the base and the maximum resistance choosing premium materials such as aluminium and stainless steel, properly treated in order to resist to chemicals and corrosion. 

The Telescopic H-Stand facilitates the daily operations being easy-to-use when raising and lowering the overhead stirrer from your sample. 

Safety first with the new Chuck Guard

Safety first with the new Chuck Guard
Chuck Guard is the new protective accessory for OHS Overhead Stirrers. The guard helps to protect operators from contact with the upper part of the chuck and prevents potential entanglement with the rotating shafts.

Chuck Guard is built with top quality material, ensuring resistance and excellent visibility.
  • Easy-to-use: just fix the support plate using two screws
  • Robust construction
  • Light weight


Display 3,5" Graphic TFT Display
User Interface Digital
Motor Brushless DC
Stirring Volume (H2O) Up to 100 L
Speed Gears 1
Max Torque 100 Ncm
Stirring Speed Range 30-1300 rpm
Speed Setting Resolution 1 rpm
Speed Control Digital
Max Viscosity 70.000 mPa*s
Torque Compensation SpeedServo™
Chuck Range  Ø from 1 to 13 mm
Shaft diamater Pass-Through  up to 8.5mm
Safety Vibration Sensor Yes
Timer Yes
Method Setting Yes
Lock of the instrument Yes 
External Probe Connection Pt100
Temperature Measuring Range -200 to +550 °C
Temperature Resolution 0.1 °C
Interfaces USB / WiFi
Dimensions (WxHxD) 90x315x235 mm
(3.5x12.4x9.3 in)
Weight 4,6 kg
(10,1 lb)
Protection Class DIN EN 60529 IP 54

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Our compliance to statutory rules and regulations worldwide.
With the CE mark, VELP Scientifica declares that the products are designed and manufactured in compliance with the essential safety requirements of the European Directive on Safety.
The Certification Body (CB) Certificate is an international program created by the IECEE for the acceptance of product safety test results among participating laboratories and certification organizations around the world.
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