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OXITEST Video - Unmatched Oxidation Test Reactor


The OXITEST is the exclusive VELP Scientifica solution for accelerated oxidation stability tests, both on raw materials and finished products, without the need for any preliminary fat separation.
The OXITEST can test the oxidation stability on various sample types, being the optimal solution especially designed for R&D, Product Development and Quality Control labs in food, cosmetic and petrochemical industries.

The Oxidation Test Reactor OXITEST is a unique and innovative solution to investigate on product shelf life and oxidation processes. The test offers representative results as it is performed on the whole sample.
The OXITEST speeds up the oxidation process because of the two accelerating factors, temperature and oxygen pressure.

OXITEST is suitable for testing many parameters, including:
- Prediction of the oxidation stability during shelf-life;
- Evaluation of the adequacy of storage conditions;
- Evaluation of the best packaging solution;
- Comparison of the oxidation stability of different formulas for food preparations;
- Evaluation of the oxidative stability of vegetable oils of different botanical origin;
- Evaluation of the effectiveness of antioxidants.

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